Dato’ Roger Wong

CEO of KGW Logistics Sdn Bhd.


About The Company

KGW Logistics Sdn. Bhd.

Sector: Transportations
Industry: Logistics
Sub-Industry: Transportation, warehousing,
and freight forwarding

Making Global Logistics Easy

Established in 2005, KGW Logistics is a Third Party Logistics service provider or 3PL, and we offer multiple services that facilitate the movement of parts and materials from suppliers to manufacturers and finished products from manufacturers to distributors and retailers. These services include ocean, air and land transportation, warehousing, and freight forwarding.

One of our core business is in international sea & air transportation – specializing in trans-pacific trade between Malaysia and USA/Canada. For this trade, our service contracts and volume commitments with the steamship lines will ensure that we are able to offer a very competitive rates and space guarantees.

Apart from being a major player in Malaysia and having offices in Singapore, Vietnam and USA - we have also established a comprehensive network of partners with presence in more that 190 countries. Our worldwide partners are as committed as us in providing our customers with a high quality, efficient and a total logistics service anywhere in the world.

Our objective at KGW as a 3PL provider is to continually demonstrate and deliver to our customers the benefits of a 3PL company having supported our customers in various industries such as Consumer, Construction, Communications, Electronics, Healthcare, and Commodities industries throughout the years. With our combination of experienced people, competitive costing, operations infrastructure, geographic location and financial stability – we are able to provide our customers with the resources needed to become or remain leaders in their industries.

At KGW Logistics, we believed that we are only as good as our people. Our successes and growth for the past 12 years was linked to the principle that “people are our most valuable asset.” This is truer today than ever. KGW’s success as a firm, and the progress we have made in the logistics industry, is the result of the work, dedication and commitment of our employees. Our people are the ones to deliver on this commitment in the work they do every day.

This is why our people are also our best ambassadors and it is important therefore that they are proud to be a part of KGW. The business of logistics services and solutions is very much about people. Our people are regularly trained and developed to deliver superior services. By turning passionate employees into trusted brand ambassadors, we bring our strongest asset and our most vocal internal advocates in direct contact with our customer base.
We will continue to learn from each other and, together, aim for ever higher standards of excellence.

Your Trust, Our Commitment.