Malaysia Steps Up For Higher Education In The 21st Century

Amidst the onslaught of disruption from technological and scientific innovation, universities in Malaysia are taking strategic steps to build global talents

Malaysia Higher Education Report, distributed in Times Higher Education

Universities today face a complicated mission. The emergence of new technologies in the 21st Century has redefined geographical distance, shifted a human-dependent workforce to one where humans and machines converge, and upended the way education and information are accessed and processed.

All these present fresh challenges to the purpose and identity of a higher learning institute (HLI) as it grapples with producing future-proof graduates for a rapidly changing future.

Exclusive interviews with Vice Chancellors

In order to provide insights about the development of higher education from different perspectives, multiple interviews have been conducted with the Vice Chancellors of Universities in Malaysia. This gives a platform for the main actors to present their key plans that can further strengthen the Universities' position globally and bring value to both the local and global society.

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