Prof. Dr. Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc, PhD

Rector of Trisakti University

About The University

Trisakti University

Sector: Education

Trisakti University is one of the largest private university located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded on 29 November 1965, the university has more than 23,000 active students and has produced more than 100,000 alumni. Trisakti University currently employs 742 tenured faculty members and 160 part-time lecturers.

VISION of Trisakti University

To be a reliable university with international standards while maintaining regards to local values in developing Science, Technology, Art and Culture to improve the quality of life and civilization.

MISSION of Trisakti University

• Increasing the participation of Trisakti University in generating human resources that have intellectual ability with international standards, and are characterized as Trikrama Trisakti through education and teaching.

• Increasing research activities to develop science, technology, and art based on local values in order to address national issues and improve the quality of life and civilization.

• Increasing the participation of Trisakti University in supporting the needs of society and industry through community service activities.

• Increasing the commitment of Trisakti University in enforcing good university governance.

Anticipating the fast changing and rising global competition, Trisakti University has built strategic alliances, bench-marking standards and co-activity with other institutions based on a mutual benefit approach to provide a win-win solution.

Trisakti University has formally cooperated with more than 50 local and international institutions. The relationship covers various activities, such as academic staff exchanges, twinning programs for bachelor’s degree and Graduate programs, joint research, seminars and conferences, and academic development. Agreements have been signed with several universities in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America.

Trisakti University has also enlarged its academic facility by developing a campus in a 126-hectare area of land in Nagrak, Jakarta, allowing the university to provide an ideal environment to pursue higher education.