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Untapping ASEAN
Business Opportunities
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Partnership and Investment Section

Access exclusive editorial content in the form of Q&A interview sessions, video interviews and articles with ASEAN business leaders by clicking the business reports below.

Malaysia: Shaping a New Stage

Viewpoints of Malaysian government and business leaders on the economic trends and investment climate, as Malaysia’s new government takes the stage and is working hard to promote financial transparency and accountability. Featuring exclusive interview with Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir.

Indonesia: Investment Driven Economic Growth

The report gives essential information about international banking and finance in Indonesia with interviews from Indonesia’s leading bankers. Also, current trends in digital transformation are highlighted through interviews with the Minister of Communication and Information, and other business leaders.

Malaysia: Local Leaders, Global Partners.

Malaysian leaders give insights about business opportunities in Malaysia and ASEAN. Malaysia has an open business climate, and many local companies are interested in foreign investment and partnerships as they are expanding their businesses in the region.

Exclusive video interviews with ASEAN Business Leaders

ASEAN Business Leaders interviews leaders on a range of topics that will help understand business opportunities in various markets from their unique perspectives.